Boston Terrier Names ...and How I Named My Boston Terrier

Are you ready to adopt a Boston Terrier? Looking at Boston Terrier names and picking a name for your 4 legged fur baby is a fun job!

If you know in advance that you will be getting a Boston I would suggest you wait until you have spent days or even weeks with your dog and then decide on the name. 

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There are many questions to ask yourself and much to consider to pick the Boston Terrier name that will fit perfectly.

Learn all you can about the Boston Terrier breed. The more you know the better you can match your dog's personality with the perfect name.

Even if later you decide it isn't the perfect name in hind sight, the good news is your little Boston will come to know the name and look at you lovingly no mater what name you pick.

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Part of the Boston Terrier charm is that they are so affectionate and want to please.

If you said the word "Mud!" with the right tone your Boston would look at you expectantly and say.. "Yes? What's up..?"

My rescued Boston Terrier came to me suddenly. She was kicked out of a car in the parking lot of the local PetsMart. At the time I was a volunteer for a local rescue group.

The manager of the PetsMart called our group coordinator to see if the group could rescue the dog. PetsMart was not allowed to keep the dog in the store overnight.

The coordinator knew I had 2 small dogs (Chihuahuas)so she called me to go rescue the poor little dog.

Most of the other fosters were taking care of Big dogs... Really Big dogs.

Since it was late evening the hard part was I had already bedded my dogs down in their crate while I worked on the computer.

I had to go get one of them to give up his crate.

If only he knew that sweet little thing that was to come into his life!

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It is the absolute truth that I started out fostering her with the idea that someone would adopt her. Little did I know.. right?

I have helped other dogs on a temporary basis and lovingly passed them on to forever homes.

This little dog was a brindle Boston Terrier mix about 1 1/2 years old. She looked to be part Chihuahua with really huge ears, some hound and maybe 2 other breeds.

Who knows?

Short of DNA testing testing her which I will do one day just for the fun of it.. who knows what her correct pedigree is?

Sorry little girl!, no designer dog here!

Stay tuned for the DNA testing another day!

Meanwhile I noticed that this little girl was very shy at first.

So many possible Boston Terrier Names!

Maybe I would name her Zoe? That sounds to me like a shy little girl's name.

She has a very noticeable "Elvis Grin"..

You know with the curled lip? I couldn't call her Elvis since she is a girl! I couldn't think of a feminine version of "Elvis".

Not much came to mind when I thought about "Rock and Roll" either.

Janis (Joplin), Connie (Francis) were girl names but I am not very fond of people names for dogs.

A lot of people name their dog after a friend or relative.. Harry for Uncle Harry (We won't go there...!)

My Dad named his dog "Lucy" after his late mother. It is definitely something for you to consider.

Behavior & possible Boston Terrier Names

Sometimes their behavior will give you a clue to a good name.

I noticed this little dog could really run fast.

She chased a baby rabbit and got a mouthful of cotton tail.

The rabbit got away just in time and my Boston looked at me as if to say, "Ma! Look! I got a snout of white fuzz! What do I do with this?"

What other Boston Terrier names could I think of?

How about the name "Speedy"? Nah! That sounds like a boy name.

Almost any name could be considered a Boston Terrier name, except maybe "Killer" or something like that.

She was very good with my 2 Chihuahua boys.. both neutered. Like most Chihuahuas they think they are Boss and own the place.

This little Boston just seemed to take them in stride.

When they barked or snapped at her she just bent down in front in a submissive pose.

As soon as the danger was gone and they were placated she just went on doing what she was doing before. (Typical woman... what can I say...?)

Chico, age 10 then, was a little snippy. He looks like the Taco Bell dog but cuter. (I'm not prejudiced!)

He gets frightened easily, only weighs 4 1/2 pounds, and tends to snap. This little girl was not intimidated at all!

Peanut, age 11 then, was frisky, friendly and weighs about 6 pounds.

He wanted to play but not with this new little chic!

She was a pesty little sister and he did NOT want to be the Big brother to ANOTHER sibling.

That Chico was enough!!

Then there was bedtime!

My 2 Chi's sleep in bed with me, under the covers, thank you very much! This little girl was temporary remember?

She slept in a portable kennel right NEXT to the bed. The only problem was that she cried! And cried! And cried!

After a couple of nights she settled down and was quiet.

During the day I noticed she liked to cuddle with me on the sofa whenever I sat down. She was shy and hid behind my arm.

She weighed about 9 pounds and looked skinny.

After the 3rd day she had settled down, no longer cried at night, but I started thinking how she would be comforted if sleeping with the rest of the "family".

Are you starting to get the drift here?

What if I called her "Cuddles"?

I knew I was in trouble the night I let her get in bed with all of us. Those big, brown eyes looked so appreciative!

The Rescue group had advertised her as a lost dog as required by law. ...No responses.

Time went on. Weeks went by. I became very fond of my little Boston Terrier. Some days I called her "Sweetie". Some days I called her "Honey".

I found myself looking at her and thinking "You are SUCH a sweet little girl!" over and over. Then one day I added "I LOVE YOU!"

That same day I heard a song on the radio that I hadn't heard for years and years, "Susi Q, I love you!"

She didn't have eyes of blue but her brown eyes reflected the love that I felt for her.

My little Boston Terrier had found a name! Susi Q!

It might not be the most original of Boston Terrier names but I like it!

Susi Q is now about 11 years old and though Chico and Peanut have passed on Susi Q keeps my other rescue Chihuahuas in line.

I hope in sharing my story I have given you some insight as to how to go about naming your Boston Terrier or any dog for that matter. Study their behavior and personality.

See how they interact with you, with any other dogs and cats, and other humans either in the household or friends.

I have a list of boy Boston Terrier names and girl Boston Terrier names here on the site.

Review the names and note the comments with some of them.

What does each name say to you? Send me your thoughts and I will add them!

Please take a moment after you pick your dog name and come back and tell us how you arrived at the name.

We would love to hear your story!

If it is a name not on my list let me know and I will add it!

Warm doggie kisses from my 4 legged babies to yours and I hope you have fun with Boston Terrier names!

Miss Bonnie

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