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Dog Cataracts are Usually Not Apparent Until the Dog is Older

Who would have thought dog cataracts and human cataracts would be similar? Most common is the older dog who develops cataracts as a result of aging just as in the case with most humans. Sometimes only one eye is affected but usually it affects both right and left eye.

There is an inherited type that even puppies can have and can cause blindness by 1 to 4 years of age.

Other small dog breeds that have a genetic disposition for cataracts are:

Cocker Spaniel


Yorkshire Terrier

Boston Terrier



Cataracts are a white, cloudy looking material within the lens. It becomes noticeable when the black pupil changes to a bluish or white color.

Old age and diabetes can cause late onset of this condition.

My Chihuahuas are 13 and 14 years old and both have developed cataracts in both eyes in the past year. They can still see but I notice that they hesitate sometimes. Their eyes have the milky haze that is typical of the condition.

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