A Dog Eye Infection - Can be Serious!

Dog eye infection

A dog eye infection is a very common pet condition which can be caused by a number of different isues.. some very serious.

Boston Terriers have slightly protruding eyes and can be a little more prone to getting infections.

It is critical to identify the issue causing the problem and to seek professional veterinarian assistance in order to ensure the dog's health and well being.

Most Common Causes

The most common causes of an eye infection are dirt in the eye,a bacterial infection or a virus that is affecting the eye and surrounding tissues.

Regardless of the cause, an eye infection typically presents with redness and swelling around the eye, red coloring in the white part of the eye, and with a milky or colored discharge.

Clear discharge is typically not a concern, and can simply be a sign of allergies.

The discharge from an infected eye is typically opaque and most often white or green. Discharge from the eye that appears to include pus indicates a serious medical issue and a vet should be contacted immediately to prevent permanent damage and loss of eye sight.

Breeds that are vulernable to Eye Infections

Some breeds, such as Shih Tzu, Poodle and Llapa Apso are prone to a specific eye infection caused by eye lashes turning in towards the eye. When the lashes are turned inwards, tears tend to pool around the eye, which provides an ideal place for bacteria to grow, causing a dog eye infection.

This can be avoided by keeping the eye and the surrounding area as clean as possible. Owners should routinely inspect the pet's eye area for dirt and debris that can become lodged in the eye and cause an infection.

Bacterial and viral infections are harder to prevent.

Keeping a pet in known and clean areas, even on walks and when playing, can help reduce the incidence of an eye infection.

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