Dog Eye Injuries - Serious or Not?

dog eye injuries

Dog eye injuries can be minor, like irritation from dry air or dust, or they can be serious, like chemical burns or being poked by a sharp object.

When dog owners think about safety, they usually think about keeping their dog out of the road.

While cars are an obvious hazard for dogs, they are not the only one.

Vets tell me they see a lot of eye injuries that result from one or more dogs playing with sticks. Many times the dogs are running and the stick gets dropped and one of the dogs bites for it, misses, and then it pokes their eye.

Hopefully this results in a minor scratch but more often it is a case of the stick puncturing the eye and the dog looses the sight in that eye.

Sometimes dog eye injuries result, especially for puppies, from chemical burns. A curious puppy can get into something in the garage and then it gets in their eye.

Remember to keep household cleaners and lawn chemicals way up high. Puppies are like toddlers, they get into everything!

Bulging Eyes

Some breeds, like Boston Terriers, have slightly bulging eyes. Any breed with eyes like this are more prone to dog eye injuries just because their eyes are more prominent and "out there".

It is difficult to keep your active dog from having an accident but allowing your pet to only play with "safe" toys and not sticks is a good idea.

Check your yard and remove sticks even though your dog "looks so cute" running around with them! It won't look nearly as cute when you have to rush him to the vet and pay an expensive vet bill!

How To Treat


Minor injuries such as dust in the eye can be treated with plain, cool water. Keep the dog calm and check the eyes again in a few hours to be sure the dog's condition hasn't worsened.

Also watch that an infection does not develop. If the eye or eyes develop any kind of white or yellow discharge then a vet should see the dog.


Chemical Burns and getting poked with a stick or other sharp object means a vet should be consulted immediately.

Keep the dog calm and, if possible, have someone go with you to the vet.

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