Dog Eye Problems - The Symptoms

dog eye problems

Dog eye problems can vary from simple to very serious. Some need just a small amount of routine care but other problems are serious and you should get immediate veterinary attention.

Boston Terriers are prone to certain conditions but any dog can develop canine eye problems.

Do you know the difference between a simple problem and a serious one?

Treatment can range from simple steps to take at home, a visit to a holistic vet and/or a visit to a conventional vet and surgery.

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Signs of Dog Eye Problems

*** Eye Boogers in the corner of the eye

*** Dog Eye Discharge

*** Dog Tear Stains

*** Film over the Eye

*** Cloudiness in the Eye

*** Eye Pain, Scratching, Rubbing, Squinting, Sensitivity to Light

*** Bulging or Sunken Eye

Eye Boogers

Eye boogers are those little globs your dog sometimes gets in the corner of his eye, usually in the morning, but it can become noticeable any time of the day.

If it occurs once in a while and there is not very much goo then just clean it off with a wet, warm cloth.

If you notice that the amount of goo is increasing try to notice if it is worse during the outdoor allergy season. Some dogs suffer from hay fever like humans do.

Windy days make my dogs have more of a problem.

Also take into consideration how much time is spent outdoors. If it is worse on the weekends when you and your pet are outside more, then then outdoor allergies may be causing your dog eye problems.

Indoor allergies could also be the culprit. Be sure to check out possible food allergies and my Dog Diet link.

Some dogs are allergic to new carpet, laundry detergent used to wash their beds, dog shampoo and a bunch of other things. Consider if you have brought anything new into the house or changed anything recently.

It is important to get this checked out if the problem continues, especially if the goo increases. Increased goo could lead to a dog eye infection.

Dog Eye Discharge

When that goo has become a definite discharge and becomes either a white or yellow color then it is serious business.

Lack of attention to a possible eye infection can affect your dog's sight permanently, plus be costly and painful to fix.

Canine eye problems are similar to problems in humans in that they need medical attention to prevent further complications. When discovered and treated early enough then it helps to prevent further dog eye problems.

Dog Tear Stains

canine eye problems

Some dog breeds, like this Maltese, are more prone to dog eye problems, especially tear stains. If the dog has a very light color coat or white fur the tear stains become very noticeable as a dirty pink discoloring at the inner corner of the eye.

It may be apparent on both eyes or predominantly one eye.

Proper DAILY cleaning will alleviate the problem.

HOWEVER, if this is not cleaned EVERY day then it can easily lead to a dog eye infection.

Film Over the Eye

Moving out from the corner of the eyeball, it is an opaque or whitish membrane called a protruded nictitating membrane.

Cloudiness in the Eye

This can indicate a number of possible conditions.


My vet told me that dogs in the United States are generally showing signs of cataracts around the age of 7 years old.

My Chihuahua, Peanut, didn't show signs until about 10 years old. He did not show any pain, just a decrease in his ability to see details.

Did you know dogs don't see all that well anyway?

their sense of smell and hearing far out pace their ability to see.


If you see your dog rubbing his eye or if he appears to have signs of pain then have a vet check him out. He may refr you to a veterinary ophthalmologist


As a symptom look for a buidup of fluid that gives the eye a uniform blue-gray appearance along with obvious signs that the dog is in pain.

Bulging or Sunken Eye

dog eye problem

Now some breeds like Boston Terriers and Chihuahuas have slightly bulging eyes as a part of their breed characteristics.

That is not what we are talking about.

A change in your dog's eyes where you think they are bulging when they didn't do that before is a new symptom.

A bulging eye can indicate glaucoma OR tumors OR an abscess behind the glove.

An eye out of it's socket could appear to be bulging.

Consider whether your dog has fallen or been hit accidentally while playing.

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