Dog Fart, Dog Gas or Dog Flatulence - What Causes the Problem?






Whether you call it a dog fart, dog gas or dog flatulence, it is still REALLY bad and very embarrassing at times!

How in the world can that cute little doggie make such a stink? 

My Boston Terrier mix, Susi Q, just looks around like, "Who me? I didn't do it!" and rolls her eyes as if to say how dare I even consider that she would have been the one!

Boston Terriers are prone to be gassy.

No matter if you have a small dog or large dog or something in between we will look at possible causes for a dog fart, dog gas or dog flatulence.

See Dog illnesses for more info...

There is something about a dog fart that seems to smell even more than human flatulence.

When a dog feels the pressure and needs to rid themselves of gas, they just let it rip.

I laugh every time I see that commercial on TV where the girlfriend fixed a cabbage appetizer and the guy is thinking, “Oh no! Not here! Not here!” as he sits with the potential in-laws and realizes he is in danger of letting one rip...whether he wants to or not!

Soooooo funny!

If it only happens once a while it might be funny when your dog farts, but when it gets more frequent, it gets annoying and embarrassing.

Besides, it makes your dog uncomfortable and, for that reason alone, we need to investigate the cause.


Of course I have to add a disclaimer here. That disclaimer is that you should make sure there is nothing physically wrong with your dog by taking it to a vet for an overall health checkup.

If you know your dog is in good health then there are some other things you can do if you are willing to spend some time investigating.

It will be well worth it - both to your pet, and for your own sake.

Dog Treats can cause a Dog Fart

Some dogs’ digestive tracts can not tolerate dog treats, especially the strong flavored ones.

Try switching to a simpler biscuit type and not the bacon strip ones.

Or, try doing without any treats for a few weeks. See if you notice a difference with none in the diet.

For a healthier treat give your dog a tablespoon of natural, low fat yogurt after feeding him.

The natural enzymes will aide digestion and reduce the risk of intestinal air.

Another good idea for dog treats is raw baby carrots. Most dogs love them.

Also helpful is giving your dog a tablespoon of pumpkin daily. This helps with constipation and with anal glands which can be another cause of dog farts.

Watch here for more info here on how to make your own, inexpensive, dog treats at home.(soon to be added)

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Table Food can cause Flatulence

Just as some of food we eat as people give us gas, when dogs eat certain “people food” it gives them flatulence.

Some human foods do not digest well in the doggie digestive tract.

Ever been in a car with a dog and he lets one rip?

NOT a fun thing, especially if it is in the winter time and all the windows are up!

Some dogs are sensitive to diary products and are lactose intolerant.

Vets recommend that you NOT give your dog ANY table food. It can really, really mess with their digestive tracts.

Low Quality Dog Food and Dog Farts

I understand how hard it is to spend a lot of money on dog food.

I love my dogs and have three of them.

While they are small dogs, two Chihuahuas and a Boston Terrier, and don’t eat as much as, say a German Shepherd, it all adds up.

However, know that buying the cheap, discount dog food does not do your dog any good. It can shorten their life span.

It will cost you more in the long run with vet bills and poor health.

Do your research and buy the best quality dog food you can.

Most supermarket brands of dog food have mostly corn products as fillers.

This can give a dog a full feeling but it can also cause a smelly gas problem.

After I changed to a higher quality dog food for my Boston Terrier, Susi Q, I saw a huge difference in the amount of gas that she had. I switched to the Kirkland brand chicken dog food sold at Costco. This was by far the single biggest difference in anything I did for her dog fart problem. Trust me.. she had a huge problem even if she was a small dog!

Some sensitive dogs experience severe allergies from the fillers.

Look for these top ingredients on the label: chicken or lamb.

High quality food for your dog will also decrease the amount of waste (poop) and will make for a healthier digestive tract.

The same goes for dry kibble; buy the best you can afford. It will be worth it in the long run!

Dry dog food should not have ANY corn or wheat or by products of these foods.

They are bad, bad, bad for your dog!

Is Your Dog a Fast Eater or Gulper?

Another possible reason for gas in a dog is that your dog eats too fast and gulps his food.

If this is the case, try giving him a half of his normal portion and then a little later the other half.

I feed my dogs twice a day and my cats get fed three (yes, three) times a day.

I do it because I can since I am home with them all day and because it is better for them.

Twice a day for dogs is optimum.

If your dog is a nervous type ask the vet what he suggests to calm your dog down so he doesn’t gulp his food so fast.

There are also special dishes and other products on the market that help slow a fast eating dog down. I hope to do a review on some of them so stay tuned here for more info.

In the mean time, some dog owners who have large breed dogs tell me that they put a tennis ball in the dish with the dry dog food. This makes the dog "fish" for the food and slows down his gulping.

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Please remember that this site and the information expressed in it are to be seen as suggestions only.

I am not a veterinarian, simply someone who loves animals who wants to help you and your dog.

Be sure to seek professional medical help from your local veterinarian and be sure to take your dog in for REGULAR checkups.